Customer satisfaction is much simpler than you think!

Customer Satisfaction is ‘NOT’ all about the product and or service you provide. Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here.

Yes, of course having a perfect product and service is one component and an especially important component of customer satisfaction. Some would even say this in the #1 most important step in customer service.

However, I do in fact dare say it’s not!

Today’s blog has an exclusive interview with Darla DiGrandi. Darla is an entrepreneur through and through. She learned at a very young age while growing up and watching her mother, how to appreciate people in her life no matter what capacity they served whether personal or business.

Opening a salon when she was 19 years old, she deems her success to following in her mother’s footsteps of relationship marketing, strengthening relations with everybody she knew or would come in contact with.

Darla created customer satisfaction by sending cards to;

  • Touch people with kindness
  • Celebrate people and;
  • Appreciate everyone she knows

Darla’s experience in customer satisfaction taught her that building wealth and financial leverage through appreciation is powerful. So much so that she ran the most expensive, high priced salon and day spa in her area.

100% of her marketing dollars went to building customer satisfaction. By implementing a tangible offline relationship marketing strategy, and after only 12 months from opening her salon she;

  • went from 8 employees to 49
  • was recognized as one of the fastest growing salon’s in the country and;
  • grew her business to the tune of 3 million annually

Why do customers leave?

Darla says;

“The number one reason a customer leaves your service or product is not because of the price or service they receive, it’s how you make the customer feel!”

Quite simply, it’s how you treat a current client or make a new one feel that keeps them coming back to become a loyal customer to you and your brand…

Hear her story in this incredible interview below where she will teach us how she was named “one of the fastest growing Salons and Spas in the country…

I always stress the 80-20 rule!

Subsequently, the reasoning for this is because it’s super, super important to understand that 80% of your marketing and customer satisfaction strategy should be, to be kind and expect nothing in return, period!

When you’re in the trenches building a business, and trying to find prospects or trying to increase customer retention, it’s natural to forget that this starts with how well you can get from a prospect or customers head to their heart.

Prospecting with the intention of winning hearts not heads is about delivering your message with care. Care to what this person or client is saying they need. This is done by;

  1. Respect
  2. Sincere handshake
  3. Looking someone in the eye
  4. Listening to their vision
  5. Adding value to their life

Accomplish this by ‘NOT’ doing these things

  • Pitching
  • Selling and;
  • Prospecting

Instead approach this with;

  • Giving to give instead of giving to gain
  • Attraction not chasing
  • Retention through appreciation
  • Growing your business through gratitude
  • Adding value when building customer relations

Attraction Marketing

Implementing attraction marketing principles, fundamentals, and philosophies consistently, creates a habit of caring and appreciation. This habit will definitely keep you top of mind, bring you financial leverage and in turn bring higher-profit margins.

First of all, businesses spend too much on marketing for prospects. Which clearly means not enough is spent on customer retention. Hence spend 80% on relationship marketing and strengthen the customer relations you already have and  20% on finding new clients.

Look, if you don’t want to;

  • chase
  • prospect
  • hunt
  • pitch and;
  • sale

Above all, implement Relationship Marketing by way of showing your care through appreciation. This is attraction marketing at it’s finest! Consequently, this means more customer retention and more referrals from those retained customers.

I appreciate your time in reading this blog and remember sharing is caring!

Take Care,

Kody B.

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