Target market, what is it?

Target Market is where a salesperson or business owner should focus there time and efforts. Why? Because prospecting the wrong audience is a waste of time and produces;
  • a longer sales process and;
  • less profits, plus;
  • time wasted

Spending time to find the right consumers for your product and service is essential. This produces buyers needing your service or product. Simply put, the right prospect is likely to want what your selling. Consequently, spending the time to discover your target market is crucial.

Prospecting the right target market fills your funnel full of potential customers.

Once you have the right target market/prospects, it’s time to assess their wants and needs. Assessing their wants and needs puts you in a position of trust and confidence. More importantly, produces a sale, the initial outcome.
Let’s talk Relationship Marketing, sales & making money!
Mark Hunter is known as the “Sales Hunter” and the author of ‘High-Profit Prospecting’ also, the co-founder of the ‘Outbound Conference.’ I was lucky enough to have him join me for an interview. During this interview, he shares why sales are not about “what we are selling” or “how we sell.” He tells us it’s about “WHY” we sell.
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Relationship Marketing Is All About Knowing Your Target Prospects

Mark says “Realize that sales are about “WHY” not what or how we sell. Most importantly it’s about helping people.”

Meeting them where they are at concerning;

  • what they need and;
  • what they want

Switching your mindset to giving service instead of getting a sale is the “new school” way of sales. Pitching is “old school.” Think about it, do you like to be sold to?

Making the shift to ‘service sales’ is first understanding what outcome you want, and then serve the prospect with the needs and wants they state.

Engaging with your prospect/target audience in a way that is being in the “service business” as opposed to the “sales business” can make all the difference in profits.

Heres the difference…

  1. The ‘sales business’ is about pitching features and benefits
  2. The ‘service business’ is about the outcome of listening to needs and wants

Then again, sales are about understanding the outcome of the service we are giving to the person we are talking to.

Frankly, every buying decision is an investment. Once again nobody likes to be sold to. When someone considers purchasing something, they are thinking about what their return on investment would be.

Therefore, if not enough value is added, then no sale is made.

Mostly the sale is made when the prospect has confidence and trust in you!

What’s the best way to create confidence?

After engaging in conversation, the #1 technique, is to ask your prospect a question about what they just divulged to you. When people start to trust you, they open up their world and share personal things with you.

When you ask questions about what they shared with you, you accomplish 3 things;

  1. Prospect know’s your listening
  2. They know you care
  3. They will share even more valuable information

This engagement will take you to their needs because you’ve created an environment of confidence and trust. It’s as though your peeling back the layers of an onion so to speak. Think of sales as a community, not competition.

Folks, I’m a big student of personal development and the sales process. Prospecting target markets is a hot button for me. Mostly because in today’s day and age salespeople just don’t do enough personal engagement.

Please remember that social media is a great tool online, but to find more success, you must take an online connection offline to build relationships. This, in turn, fills your pipeline.

One more thing, influence and impact people for the positive!

Accomplish this by doing what you love. Doing what you love also guides you to the monetary outcome you desire. You also develop leadership qualities that will gain trust and confidence from your prospects because they can feel your positive energy…check out this article for more on Leadership Qualities 

On a positive note, remember sharing is caring, and I’d appreciate you sharing the value of this message, together we can serve the world…

Take Care,

Kody B.

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