Positivity creates strong relationships in our world.

Positivity is missing in most everything we see in the world today.

Matter of fact, 87% of what we see, hear and experience is negative. Combating the negative by creating a daily positive attitude is crucial to living “happy.”

Enjoy this Podcast interview, where you will hear from Norm Dominguez.

Norm is the author of “The Magic of Positivity.” In this book, he teaches the 6 Pillars of strength. These pillars create a positive attitude for success in your business and personal life.

Norm serves in many capacities in BNI. BNI is the worlds largest networking company. BNI has created 9.5 million referrals throughout 8200 chapters around the world. Resulting in billions of dollars made for people involved in BNI, all within different industries around the world.

On this Podcast, Norm will share his knowledge on;

  • The Law of Positivity
  • How to create a habit of a daily positive attitude
  • How to genuinely reach out to others by taking the focus off of yourself

Join me for this short, inspiring interview with Norm Dominguez here;