Marketing management is the #1 thing you need to employ in business. Let’s take the “3 legged stool analogy. I first heard the analogy of the “3 legged stool” when I had a conversation with Andre Perdue.

Andre Perdue has been in the Collision Repair business for over 26 years. When Andre went to work in this industry, he quickly realized that the 3 legged stool that his company was standing on was, well…BROKEN!

Let me ask you “Would you trust a 2 legged stool? Of course you wouldn’t!

Quickly I learned that one thing is for sure, if your 3 legged stool is either, #1 missing a leg; or #2 the legs aren’t well balanced, then obviously the stool can’t hold you, let alone a business, without tipping over!

Implementing the “3 legged stool” in your marketing management is imperative to the success of any business.

Here are what the 3 legs stand on:


#1. Giving them a stellar product and service. Making sure that your product and service is consistent and sustainable through whatever your business model is. This is super important for earning repeat business!

#2. Communication is another strong leg of marketing management. Whatever your process is in your industry, great communication is imperative. There are several ways of communication. Whether it be an old-fashioned telephone call or a tangible greeting card, or use of technology such as email & text, keeping in constant contact before and throughout your service is a major factor in customer service. If customer service is strongly implemented in your marketing management then it’s a win, win for both parties.

#3. Appreciation starts from the minute a customer walks in the door whether or not they buy your product and/or service. Only recognizing people that choose to use your product or service is a costly mistake.

Unfortunately, #3, is the most wobbly, unbalanced leg in most marketing management. It’s also the most under-utilized marketing bar none!

Something to remember when you’re setting up or re-vamping your marketing management is…

Stats show that less than three percent of salespeople ever send out a “thank you” card. Yet the “thank you” card is the most effective touch you can send to increase word of mouth referrals. It’s fascinating to me how many people don’t do it!

Even more mind-boggling, less than one percent of salespeople actually send a thank-you card before they get the business.

Could you imagine how your business would explode if you implemented appreciation for a customer entering your place of business, whether or not they use your service or product?

Folks, regardless of what business or industry we’re in, we’re all in the “taking care of people” business.

Take care,

Kody B

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