Stand out from your competition and, win in construction…

Standing out from competition comes easily to Heba Malki of the Domilya Group. A Canadian based renovation & construction company.

Certainly much unheard of, Heba secured a seven-figure construction project, and she was the highest bidder. She tripled their business over the past three years by using a relationship marketing system to show appreciation to prospects and clients.

Talking with Heba, I learned how hard it is to start a construction business. Like anybody that starts a new business, you don’t always have great success. You have times of struggle too.

Basically it comes down to;

  • Who you are
  • Your product and;
  • Your service

More importantly, it comes down to Marketing Relationships.

I like to flip these two words because ‘Relationship’ should come before ‘Marketing.’

Putting Relationship first over Marketing will naturally build you a better reputation in your profession, and faster growth to.

If you could triple your business over the course of three years, would you want to know the secret?

Consistency in building genuine relationships is the key secret. Heba has been faithfully and consistently using a relationship marketing system. Therefore, increasing her construction business by 320 percent. Resulting in tripling her business.

Her step by step process is;

  1. Meet with prospect
  2. Send a “Nice to meet you card”
  3. Send off the bid quote
  4. Send a “thank you again for the opportunity” card with brownies.

Talk about brownie points!

“It must be true that the strategy to a persons heart is through the stomach.”

This technique will quite often win her the job! What’s even more exciting about this, is she was the highest bidder! Now, how often do you hear that the highest bidder in construction gets the job? Pretty much I can tell you that never happens!

Consequently, Heba had built a great relationship and reputation. Matter of fact, so much so that they told her “we know that you will take care of us and make sure that our job is done right.”

Now I want to make sure you are hearing this because this is such a powerful message.

I get bids on work I need done all the time. Mostly, I’ve found that the important thing in hiring someone, is having the confidence that they’re going to take care of you. Above all, knowing that they will go the extra mile to get a job done the right way.

Basically what I’m saying is that going the extra mile and putting the effort out to do those things, will make a great impression.

The prospect will think “Wow if they are focused on this kind of detail, that’s the kind of person I want to hire.” Essentially this is what happens when you show you care.

Look, your competition, no matter the industry is staying in connected with;

  • emails
  • phone calls and;
  • text messages
  • social media

But pretty much none of your competition are using this type of touch point that has a significant impact.

A great rule of thumb to go by for staying in touch

Reach out to your customer and prospects a minimum of 4X a year with a tangible touch. Here’s what that looks like;

  1. Nice to meet you
  2. Holiday cards
  3. Thank you
  4. Birthday

Sending a couple emails combined with the second card was like a little nudge to get an answer from person seeking the bid.

It’s a no-brainer. Yet only the top three percent of businesspeople do it. So go figure. Talk about an opportunity to run circles around your competition!

Finally, if you are looking for massive growth, take a gigantic look at your current customer relationships. Be the person that stands out, because it’s really it’s about the first word “relationship,” not the second word “marketing”

Thanks for joining me,

Kody B