What if you could use incorporate Facebook to market with an offline promotion strategy?

Offline promotion strategy expert Brian Hannigan has been consulting and educating the home inspection industry since 1997…

I interviewed Brian on how he teaches his industry to create strategic business and referral alliances. He shares how his offline promotion strategy incorporates relationship marketing into his current marketing plan. This will not only explode referrals but it will have a significant impact on customer and client retention.

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days. People expose information of what is happening in their world daily, even minute by minute in some cases. They inform us on positive and fun, and in contrast the not so positive and fun things that they are experiencing from day to day.

Reaching out on social media to recognize the people in your personal and business world can be one way to let them know you see and acknowledge them.

Typically on social media reaching out and recognizing that you are aware of someones circumstance is done by;

  • liking a post or by;
  • replying with a comment or a simple emoji

However, the challenge with that, as far as trying to gain traction for visibility is that the “like” or “comment” is quickly buried in the feed. Here one minute and gone the next.

For that reason, a social, tangible touch makes all the difference in your marketing.

Social Tangible Touches

If you want to be the hunted instead of the hunter and have prospects and customers chasing you then an offline promotion strategy is what you need!

SendOutCards allows you to follow-up with those you want to do business with. by doing what the top 3% salespeople in any industry does. Mostly these greeting cards are “Thank You’s,” but what if you take it further and celebrate their life moments such as;

  • awards
  • congratulations
  • family events
  • births
  • passing of loved ones and pets

Simply capture these FB life moments and make the connections that will bring you traction and visibility with those you would like to do business with.

Thanks for joining me on this blog today and do me a favor, share this with those you know could use this in their business because together everyone achieves more.

Take care,

Kody B.