Last week I posed a very interesting question, a thought that had come to me one morning…

What is Relationship Money?

What does Relationship Money have to do with Relationship Marketing? Out of pure curiosity, I wanted to hear from others. I called out to each and every one of you, all across social media, to tell me your thoughts and give me your own ideas as to what Relationship Money means to you and how it ties in with Relationship Marketing.

I am in awe over the countless responses I received, those of you who have been practicing the core principles of MRM or have even attended one of my MRM seminars are right on track with your Relationship Marketing thoughts. I am impressed by the caliber of emotion you exuded when expressing your thoughts on Relationship Money, so thank you to all of you who expanded your horizons and gave me your opinion.

And now, the moment has come for me to tell you exactly what Relationship Money means.

Relationship Money

  • It’s not about what “I” can get, it’s about what “I” can give.
  • It’s not about what “I” can make, it’s about what “I” can offer.
  • Have the money you need so you can focus more on creating and enhancing genuine relationships in your life.
  • Focus on your relationships, get your money blueprint right and then the money will flow to you.
  • You don’t create relationships to make money.
  • You make money so you can focus on relationships.

No seriously… it’s that simple, and that is the meaning of Relationship Money.