The Greatest minds of the past century have been telling us that key success factors involve showing constant respect for others.

Success factors that are key in business, are also the constant factors, in who we should be as human beings.

These key success factors are:

  • Respect for others
  • Showing appreciation

We must remember respect and appreciation factors are not only important in business but as a life principle in general.

Abraham Lincoln stated that “everybody likes a compliment.”  He simply complimented people. This is how he ran our country and became the greatest political leader of all time.

William James said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”  Notice the strong language he used.  He said the craving to be appreciated.

I can already hear you business-minded people saying, “OK, this is all great, but what does this mean to my bottom line?  How can I prosper financially by implementing these principles?”

Let’s answer that question with a true story:

Charles Schwab was picked by Andrew Carnegie to become the first president of the United States Steel Company.

The year was 1921.  Schwab’s annual salary was $1 million. When asked why he was paid so much money, Schwab replied, “I was paid this salary largely because of my ability to deal with people.”  When asked how he dealt with people, he said, “I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among my people the greatest asset I possess.

“The way to develop the best in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.”  Charles Schwab went on to become one of the greatest business leaders of all time.

Dale Carnegie said, “We nourish the bodies of our children, friends, and employees, but how seldom do we nourish their self-esteem?  We provide them with roast beef and potatoes to build energy, but we neglect to give them kind words of appreciation.”  Words of appreciation would sing in their memories for years like the music of the morning stars.

When was the last time you told your:

  • Son or daughter that you are proud of them
  • Employee that they do a great job
  • Wife or husband that you love them
  • Friend that you appreciate their friendship
  • Customer that you appreciate their business

Remember, as human beings, we crave appreciation.  When we show it, people will respond to us in the most positive ways possible. One of my favorite coined phrases I teach on is “What you appreciate, appreciates.”

Everyone has promptings to show appreciation.  However, we seldom act on these promptings.  Understand, that the difference between success and failure in your life depends on your ability to act on the promptings of sharing kind words or deeds.

Further more, Numerous studies in human development done by what I call the smart people, suggest’s it is easier to express ourselves in writing rather than verbal words.  Which is why we created our company SendOutCards, this service gives you the tools to respond to your promptings instantly by expressing your appreciation in writing.  The best part is, you can do it in seconds.

In conclusion, with today’s technology, you can implement simple rules that will make a significant impact in your personal and professional lives.  You will be able to make a big difference for good in the lives of everyone you associate with, including an increase in your bottom line.

I appreciate and respect your taking time to read and share this blog. I’d love to hear from you so don’t forget to share and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thanks again,

Kody B