Law of attraction is indicative of the dynamic of Like attracts Like…

Generally, it’s pretty simple how the Law of Attraction works.  For example “If I send out to the Universe or to others to get, the law of attraction determines that the Universe will either get from me or pull away from me that which I desire.”  On the flip side of that, “If I send out to give, the Universe will move toward me giving me that which I desire.”

However, there is a catch, too:  It doesn’t only matter that we send out to give to others; it also matters that we send out to give to ourselves as well

Think about what kind of messages you are sending to yourself…What kind of thoughts, goals, dreams and desires are you sending to yourself?

The only way you can send to give to yourself is to send out energy in a positive way!

For instance, if you’re caught in a negative thought process that is pulling you down, you’re sending out to get. We should engage in positive self-talk; that’s sending out to give to ourselves. Examples of positive self-talk are statements like, “I do deserve the very best that life has to offer; I can accomplish these goals, dreams and desires; I came into this world a 10, and I’m going to leave this world a 10.”

Ego Protective ~vs~ Egomaniac

You’ve heard it said, “People work with people they know like and trust.”  People don’t like working with Egomaniacs (sees self above others) or Ego Protective people (someone with low self-esteem).  Notice the word that each has in common “EGO”

“What is necessary to change a person, is to change his awareness of himself”Abraham Maslow~

Humility is where the balance can be found and it’s essential to the Law of Attraction!  Humility sits right between Ego-Protective and Egomaniac! Take a look at the photo below…in the center of the pendulum diagram is the word humility.

Basking in Balance

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Humility is what we should aspire to achieve because it represents balance.  “Humility, simply put, is believing in yourself and in abundance.  It’s believing you have everything in the world to offer and also believing that everyone else does too.” If you are in partnership with your source–whatever that source is–you can and should reach your maximum potential in life.

Consequently, if you are doing everything you can to make the world better for yourself and others…Then you are in balance 🙂  This means being centered-in-self, not self-centered.  Realistically, however, most of us spend our time veering from left to right on the pendulum of balance.

How can we stay centered?

Love:  We are all the same in that we have a desire to love and be loved.  If I focus on my own and everybody else’s desire to love and be loved, then chances are I will stay balanced right in the middle of the pendulum. The ultimate goal is to be centered-in-self rather than self-centered.

Love is the only way to achieve…

  • abundance
  • success
  • happiness
  • peace
  • joy

Personal Development is a great way to center yourself and find the balance needed to steer the Law of Attraction in the direction of your goals and desires.

I love sharing what I’ve learned about this and would love to share it with you!

On that note, I have developed a seminar called “Promptings Academy” that I travel around the world and teach people to:

  1. Learn about yourself and your true passion
  2. Set new goals for success that is in alignment with who you are
  3. Implement daily successful habits
  4. Create core purpose statements
  5. Learn and follow a manifestation process
  6. Learn about a personal and business tool to keep your balance of Humility

The purpose of attending a Promptings Academy is to align your mind with success. We have developed an inspiring message with an unforgettable experience by instructing you to become your best self, and then acting on who you are to change lives.

In addition, this event, held in a variety of regions around the world, will provide you with insightful personal development tools fused with pivotal business building fundamentals to help you in your personal and professional life.

Empower yourself by developing an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Becoming aware of your uniqueness is self-empowering.

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In conclusion, send out to give by sharing this with those you know, and create positive energy that will enable you to accomplish anything!  Also, don’t forget to comment below, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Kody B