Build your brand loyalty by asking yourself this question…

How do I build authority, loyalty, trust and belief in me, my service and or product?

Becoming more recognized and building your authority and following is more than a logo.  Actually, it’s more of a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re looking to build your brand on a personal level, here are 3 core principles needed to accomplish this:

Core Principle #1…

Define your personal brand and build your brand with this in mind:

  • Friendship – Build your brand upon your relationships, by building friendships
  • Celebration – Be truly interested in your customers by finding ways to celebrate them
  • Service – We are more happy and successful when in service of our fellow man

Always remember—People connect and do business with people they know like and trust. Most of all, be your true authentic self and consistent in who you are if you want people to trust you.  Further more, What you stand for should be obvious in your everyday dealings.  

“The world and the people in it owe you nothing, but you owe it to yourself to give the world and the people in it everything.  So find out who you are and give yourself away.”  ~Kody B~

Core Principle #2

  • Relationship First – Build your brand with 80% relationship marketing
  • Marketing Second – Marketing is only 20% of brand building

Most noteworthy, Relationship marketing is a brand’s ability to promote an emotional & open connection with customers. Touching on positive human emotions is a strategy that creates long-term customer loyalty.

Core Principle #3

Master the bridge between…

Let’s face it folks…we are living in a High Tech world and it’s not going away.  Thinking outside the box is getting more and more critical and needs to be built into your brand.

Consequently, in a high-tech world, SendOutCards brings together that personal touch that is so instrumental in creating emotion for Human Connection. Remember, while building brand loyalty we should all strive for the personal touch in this crazy, fun, technology driven world!

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Take care,

Kody B