Hey everybody. This is Kody Bateman, founder and CEO of SendOutCards. A little bit of a somber week this week. There are a lot of things that are going on in the country right now and around the world in regards to race and hatred and people not getting along with each other.

I just feel it’s real important that I share a message with you today, a message that we have always been about. It’s about being one race. We call it the human race. We’re all brothers and sisters in the game called life and we have a whole lot that we can learn from each other and that’s what we’ve always been about here at SendOutCards.

I really believe that all of us can band together to become one. Care about people more. Be kinder. Be nicer to people.

What I found is that there are two Ps, the letter P. There are two Ps that are driving people right now. Two Ps are driving people. One P is people are driven by politics and the other P that people are driven by are people. So you’re either driven by politics or people right now.

Those who are driven by people, driven by wanting to create relationship with people, wanting to network with people, care about people, are the ones that live happy lives. Those that are driven by politics and by their agenda and by everything else – and it doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Come on, people. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on. When you make your entire life about your outlook or what you – how you look at life, then you kind of lose focus on other people around you.

Listen, we’re all different. Everybody is different in the world. But there’s some commonality that we all have. Everybody has a desire to love and be loved. That’s the bottom line. Whether I think one certain way and you think a different way, it doesn’t matter. What brings us together is that I want to love and be loved and you want to love and be loved. So let’s focus on that.

It’s great to get involved with politics. Do whatever it is you want to do. But let people be the driver. Let people drive your business. Let people drive who you are. Let people drive your motivation every single day. Create relationships with people. Politics is secondary to any of that kind of stuff.

It’s just little things like that, that we can all just – come on. Take a deep breath, everybody. Calm down. Let’s love each other a little bit more. We’re one race. We’re called the human race. We’re bringing the world together and that’s what this is all about.

I hope you all enjoyed this message and look forward to other things coming from me in the next couple of days because we want to bring the human race together.

‘Thanks everybody. God bless.

Kody B.