In this week’s Relationship Marketing Weekly, I interview three real estate professionals that have incorporated a cost-effective relationship marketing strategy in their business! You’ll hear how Gayle increased her referral business from 30% to 99% and tripled her sales in 4 years, how Jay surpassed 1 billion in sales with over 400 agents and 3,900 transactions last year, and how Jim took his averaging listing price from $200k to over $1 million.

Kody Bateman: …kind of wait a couple of seconds as some of you start coming on. I welcome you to this very, very special call that we have today. I’m so excited for this call. We’ve got– we’re talking, man, real estate, real estate icons are on the call. I feel, man, it’s an honor for me to be part of this call today, really is. To have the opportunity to interview three people of this caliber. I mean we’re talking icon, top shelf professional, highly successful people in the real estate profession are with us today. I mean you’re not going to find any better training, anywhere in the world. We’re going to do it quick. We’re going to do it fast. You’re going to see some really, really cool stuff.

So, first of all, I want to welcome our guests on the call today. We have Gayle Zientek out of Michigan. We have Jay McHugh coming out of Boston, Massachusetts. And we have Jim McCord coming out of Kentucky. We want to welcome all three of you on the call today. We’re going to go ahead and get started. We got a lot to cover. We’re going to jump right in. We’re going to do it quick. So hopefully, all of you are hanging on to your hats and have a notebook out, take some great notes.

Here we go. I’m going to start with Jim McCord coming out of Kentucky. Now, Jim is a very successful real estate agent and coach. And you’re doing a lot of great things out there, Jim. In fact, Jim wrote a book title A Revolution in Real Estate Sales. I don’t know if you can see that, pretty good there. Available on if you look up J. McCord or you can get access to this book. I’ll tell you, it’s a real short, quick read and there are some great stuff in there, really about the stuff that we’re going to talk about today is all featured in this book so it’s really good. Welcome to the call, Jim. I appreciate you being with us.

Jim McCord: Thanks Kody.

Kody Bateman: So Jim, I’m going to jump right in, right in this book. Here’s one of the things I love about your book is that you don’t… [Laughter] you don’t mess around. I mean it’s– it’s a very short read. I don’t know if you could see how thing the book is. But like you jump right into brass tacks. I mean you get it fast and you start going, in fact, right on page three, you actually talked about how you took your average list price from 200,000 to a list price of a million dollars.

And when you’re used to doing list price in the 200,000 range, it’s not easy to break into that Luxury Home Category but you used a system to do it. You used our relationship marketing tools, philosophies and systems to do that. And I’m sure there are a lot of people in the call that would be interested in how that took place. And you’ve also mentioned many times the significant increase of business you received over the years of doing that. Without further ado, brother, can you just jump in and share with us some of the things you did with our relationship marketing tools?

Jim McCord: Yeah, thanks Kody. I appreciate you having me on here. I got to say, I’ve been licensed 25 years and at times I have been the top agent in my county in sales and the top agent in my office quite frequently.

Now, in 2009 another agent introduced me to this unique relationship marketing and I had never heard of it. I didn’t have any interest. But then he actually sent something to me and it had incredible power. I started using it instantly in 2009 and I can tell you, I have been to so many webinars, I’ve been to seminars, I’ve hired two different coaches, the two top coaches in the country over the 25 years and I’ve never seen anything that’s as powerful as this, absolutely anything. And I used it from 2009 until about mid-2013.

And then I decided I would try and go way after a high-end listing. In 21 years, I have never listed home over a million dollars, not one. And I sent a card to that expired listing with a picture of the owner of that listing and their house on the front of the card with two dozen cookies. And it was the first luxury listing I ever went after and that maybe four or five days later, I got a phone call from that seller and he called me up. You know I’ll make the story short, he called me up, he asked me to come in, he was impressed, I listed it. So after then, I started listing more over the next month, I listed like three more homes. And I decided this system is so good, I can drop all my normal real estate tip everything below a million and list only million dollar homes. It has been absolutely phenomenal.

Kody Bateman: Wow! Did you by chance have some of those card examples with you? Is there some stuff you could show us just­ ­because– so what were talking about is real physical greeting cards that show up in somebody’s mailbox. I know in real estate as well as many other, most other industries are all talking about you know touching the prospects with communication or touching a customer of yours with communication but typically, what they’re talking about is digital communication, you know emails and inboxes and social media touches and things like that.

But what you’re talking about is, you mentioned a greeting card with two dozen cookies that [0:05:25.5] [Indiscernible] sent. So that whole world is going digital communication and you have a system that reverts back to tangible touches which is like the cards and the guests. I know you have pictures that you show like you said. Do you by chance have one of those cards with you?

Jim McCord: I sure do Kody. All the other coaches and I myself for the first 17 years in real estate, it was all door knocking, cold phone calling. That’s what all the managers, all the coaches are teaching and I did that. And it works but it irritates the public. They don’t– you and I don’t like getting…

Kody Bateman: Right.

Jim McCord: …cold phone calls at home. We don’t like door knocks. So here’s– this is a perfect example of a card that I sent to a– and an expired listing here in Cincinnati. And it has got three pictures, three aerial pictures. I use aerial photos now that I’m doing luxury homes. On the front it has that homeowner’s name. And then on the inside are reasons– it’s actually a photo of his home, a couple of photos of his home that his previous agent used. And then I give him examples of what we do that other agents don’t do.

Now, keep in mind, everything else he’s getting from all the other realtors, these are all company stuff. It’s all like brochures. It’s really nice high quality brochures but it’s all about the company and the agent, and how great the company is. And then I always send this almost stories with two dozen cookies because the cookies are so good and we all love opening a box. So, he gets all this stuff, he or she, the owner gets all this stuff from all these other realtors. And then they opened a box and the first thing they see is a card.

And normally, the first card they get, this is another one, is a picture of their house. This is another expired listing that we’re going to list here on Cincinnati. It expired and I have a picture of their house on the front, another picture on the bottom. And on the inside, I share with them how we market homes with this system. That’s an aerial view of another listing. And I say in the wording on here that when they list with us we’re going to use aerial photos or we’re going to target market their homes the way we target market our other listings. It’s phenomenal. It’s just simply phenomenal.

And the other thing I’ll tell you real quickly. I used a custom branding. That’s my website on the back of every card. So, you know, all the other realtors are doing the same stuff cold calling, door knocking, mailing and mailing company information. I’m mailing some information about them.

Kody Bateman: Excellent. So you make it about the person, not about what you’re offering which is one of the principles obviously that we teach in our Relationship Marketing courses. It’s all about the person. People don’t care what you offer. They only care that you care and by sending the– let’s face it, I mean the card is cool but it’s that two dozen cookies that makes them feel like you actually really care about them. And so– and I’m joking, obviously, it’s what you say in that card that really makes the difference and the cookies are just and add-on to it.

So, you know, you– I happen to know you quite well, Jim. You got an incredible story and you actually have a system that everything that you just showed you can access from a smart phone so you can take picture with your smart phone and we can send a real greeting card right from your smart phone. And I happen to know that you do this in your personal life as well. You used this system in your personal life and you share some very compelling stories about how just using the system really changed you as a person. Can you just call us up and share with us a little bit about that?

Jim McCord: Yeah, I– I’ve been a realtor for 25 years and you know I guess like a lot of people I was getting a little burn out. And I got myself– I ended up getting into kind of a slump, a business slump. There was a financial slump and I was really down. And I really didn’t see a way out of that slump. And then 2009 Brad Cole shared this system with me. I started using it and I got all excited again. And like I said, it’s truly the best thing I’ve ever done in real estate. It has allowed me to list all these luxury homes. It has allowed me to write a best selling book. It has allowed me to now coach realtors nationwide. But I’ve sent out, and I checked this morning before our live and I’ve sent out over 8,000 cards since 2009.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Jim McCord: And I would say about two-thirds of those are business and a third are personal. And I’ll just share two real quick stories as some if you heard this. My son, Jimmy, is a pilot. And he was making $20,000 a year flying for the airlines up Northeast and he wanted a job here with this company really bad in Cincinnati. He said, “Dad, I can’t get an interview.” And we ended up sending this card to that company. He had been trying to get an interview for over a year. We sent this card, their logo and then pictures of their planes on the inside. Jimmy got the interview, got the job.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Jim McCord: And you know, to get my son– and now, he’s actually flying for a corporation here in Cincinnati making over 150 grand a year. He got that interview because if this Relationship Marketing also. And it…

Kody Bateman: Wow, that’s…

Jim McCord: Yeah, and then real quickly, I was– I have a couple of cousins who are sisters. They’re nuns. I was raised Catholic and they live in a convent. Well, one of these sisters in her 90’s died a couple of months ago and I went to the funeral. And I was walking– they had us all over for a dinner after the service. And I was walking through the halls of the convent and I saw a sign on one of the doors, it said, “Sister Immaculate”. So I asked a sister I was walking with, I said, “That’s not Sister Immaculate who used to teach in St. Thomas.” She said, “Oh yes, it is.” I said, “That was my first grade teacher. Could I be with her?”

So we knocked on the door, went in and she was just so happy to see me. Nobody goes to this old home and visits you know these people. And I took some pictures and I sent Sister Immaculate this card­, I just did a little selfie. And it says “Thank you, Sister Immaculate.” And this is a picture of the convent she lives in now. That looks dark but it’s only dark because it was a dark photo. And on the back is a note from me. And it says, “Sister Immaculate, you are my favorite teacher at St. Thomas.” And she was my favorite teacher, I wouldn’t say that. What a great way to start a little boy’s year off.

She called me, I sent that with two brownies, a box of two brownies and she called me up in tears, the next week. She called me up crying, this is the way it gets delivered in the box. It’s just a phenomenal system Kody, but what told you and it’s a fact, I mean were it not for this Relationship Marketing system, I probably still wouldn’t be in real estate. I was in a real low spot. It’s just been without question the best marketing I’ve ever done.

Kody Bateman: Well, thank you, Jim. We sure appreciate and appreciate the heartfelt stories as well. And again, it’s– this is a system that betters not only your business life but your personal life as well. And you’ve conveyed that here today.

Moving up on to our next guest who’s on the call hear today. Boy, I’ll tell you, you better be hanging on to your hats when you listen this guy, Jay McHugh coming out of Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a Broker/Partner at LAER Realty Partners. This is brokerage with over 400 agents that did 3900 transactions and surpassed the billion dollars in sales in the last 12 months. So we’re talking about some horsepower here I mean. This is guy has done some incredible things. And I kind of want to shift a little bit and talk a little bit about the brokerage side of the business.

Jay, I know that you are– you know you’re an agent first and a broker second and you make a point of saying that. So you practice what you preach but you’re also part of a team of people that oversees you know 400 agents. So part of what you got to do, you and I have talked before, part of what you got to do is recruit and retain those agents. And so, I’d like you to share with us little bit today about how you use this system to do that. What kind of things you do there?

Jay McHugh: Absolutely. Thanks very much Kody for having me on. And congratulations, Jim. I always love listening to Jim’s story and it does echo into the brokerage side of what we’re talking about. So as an example, every brokerage, when they have a successful agent is going to then be targeted by the local agents who want to get that particular all star at their office. And so, it takes 16 times the cost and the resources to gain an agent than it is to retain an agent. So we came up with this system, my wife and I, my wife is the brains behind this great growth. I might be the executioner of it but we put in a system of not just appreciating the agents but we also send birthday brownies to the spouse which anchors that age when they’re having a bad hair day.

Secondly, we also send brownies to their children which cements that relationship again when there’s a bad hair day. So most brokerages are sending out a Christmas or Hanukkah party or summer party and so forth. So what do you do in that dead zone for six months? Well, our agents and their family members are getting brownies. So, if there is a problem, they’re going to come to Stacy or myself and have a conversation. So we’re retaining those agents so much more than the average brokership out there.

So then we came up with another great idea. After reading your wonderful book, Promptings, we decided that instead of sending two brownies, because two brownies we can eat two brownies, we send out a four pack of brownies. So what happens? They share those brownies. They start conversations, they say, “You’re agents, broker owner sends you brownies? I think I might need to talk to him or her. We’re not very happy at our agent company right now.” So it’s an amazing thing that can be duplicated. And it’s amazing that so broker owners don’t duplicate it but we’re having massive success. In addition, now, we teach the agent do that to you own customers and your own clients and watch your business sky rocket. It’s pretty amazing.

Kody Bateman: So basically, what you’re saying is you’re just nice to people.

Jay McHugh: Consistently nice to people knowing that those people are being targeted to it’s very, very proactive and everybody wins. When you’re nice to people, you get better relationships, you get better showings, you get better communication throughout this difficult real estate business that we are in.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, that’s fantastic. You know, you were also like you say, you’re also an agent yourself and so if– just share with us a little bit just some of the– just the normal standard things you do as an agent to follow-up with your own customer base just like to hear some of that.

Jay McHugh: Again, I love your book, Promptings, you’ve made a great statement. Why do we tell people that we love them at the wake in the funeral? Why don’t we tell them that we love them while they are living? I remember that so succinctly because my mom and dad passed away early. It’s the same thing in business. Most agents are saying thank you at the closing table when they get that big fat commission check. What I teach myself and my agents going forward is send a card of thanks and brownies at the buyer-agency meeting, the listing appointment, at the home inspection, at the offer, at the signing of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, at the loan commitment. By the time you get to the closing, they’ve referred you three or four, five different clients. It’s amazing.

Kody Bateman: So the referral, the referral starts quick. That’s what I find fascinating and I get this from stories from all three of you and many other people in other industries. Correct me if I’m wrong but the referral kind of starts immediate– the second you send a thank you card with a gift, like the referrals are almost immediate like it starts almost instantly. Is that true or am I just blowing smoke?

 Jay McHugh: It is partly true. The trust and the confidence goes way up.

Kody Bateman: Right.

Jay McHugh: And they trust you and they’re confident with you throughout the process so that you can then earn the referral. Oftentimes, we’re always you know stereotyped, we just want to make a commission. We just want to make a sale. Well, that is removed when your spending money and appreciation dollars before you get paid. And I find it fascinating that people just don’t get that and then they struggle because frankly speaking, when people close on a house, guess what? They don’t care about the real estate agent anymore. They want to get on, sand the floors, put the new roof on, update the kitchen. So why are we not saying thank you?

Now I know why, because some agents are afraid, what if it doesn’t close, Jay? What happens if it falls apart? It’s called an insurance gift then, it’s an insurance policy. Just to be nice to people, you’ll gain them back. You’ll get an extended contract. You’ll get a price reduction. It’s amazing. I love it.

Kody Bateman: Well yeah, that system that you used that we implement here at SendOutCards, you’ve been using that system and you– I often hear you talk about the simplicity of it. And you have a daughter, a 7-year-old daughter, tell us a little bit about your little simplicity test with your daughter.

Jay McHugh: Her and I sent our first card off right app yesterday at seven years of age. Jordan Adler says, “Anybody who’s an 8-year-old can use this system. That’s how easy it is.” Jordan, we’ve got a 7-year old who sent her first card off the SOC app. And folks, if you’re listening to this, get back to the person who invited you because SendOutCards app is just that easy.

Kody Bateman: Wow! Great stuff! Thank you, Jay. I appreciate it. I know that you’ve got a lot of work that you’re over there. And I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us.

We’re going to move on to our third guest here today, Gayle Zientek, what an honor to have Gayle on the call. She’s actually travelling all over the country teaching other people about this system and how it works. She’s a master. She’s an absolute master at Relationship Marketing tools and utilizing the system we have and she’s a great as a result it’s been– had a great effect on her real estate business. In fact, we’re going to talk about how she went from 30% referral business to basically 100%. I mean it’s pretty much 100% of your business today Gayle comes from referrals and you’ve tripled your sales over the last four years all using this system.

Rather than going to all the stuff, I want to go actual story you– Gayle is funny because she’ll send me– she sends me text all the time about you know coming from her customers or prospects. You sent me a text that you received just yesterday I think from a customer of yours that was your 98th referral this year. Her 98th referral this year, you sent me the text… with us and just kind of the story behind id fascinating.

Gayle Zientek: Thanks, Kody. Thanks for having me on the program today. I love being with fellow agents who get what we’re doing, that get Relationship Marketing. And yes, you know, this morning, again I woke up to another one. But the one the other day was from my– our friends. Now, to set this up, they’ve never bought or sold a house with us but they’re in our network, they’re in our top 100. And so Christy sent me this message, she says, “I know someone looking for a realtor and I wanted to send your information to her. Do you have a phone number that I– that would be good for her to reach you as well as your website?”

So, you know, I– of course, responded right back and that’s happens the 98th referral that comes in and I’ve been keeping track of them in my book. I still like my paper planner. So when I started this year, you know, I had an intention to track the 100 referrals. So I started to write them down. And I’m literally filling up the book. The orange ones are the ones that I have closed so far, Kody. And you know we put 30 homes under contract. It’s July. We’re probably going to increase our income again. But it’s not because we’re out talking to people that we don’t know. We’re not spending our marketing dollars on applications that bring people to us that don’t know us.

So, we’re constantly working with people that we do know us, like us, trust us and want to work with us. And just this morning– well, just this morning– well, I just finish this, another client, we sold them a house eight years ago and she said so– and this was really endearing to me because you know we just got back from a trip to Cancun, Mexico, and so this was her message this morning at 7:35. We’re– “So we’re ready to put our house on the market, I know you are in Mexico, so when you get back, we would like to have a meeting about the next step. Hope you’re having a great vacation.” How many of us have clients that notice on social media that we’re on vacation in Mexico but they’re willing to wait for us. So, it’s pretty cool.

Kody Bateman: And by the way, that was your 99th referral that was just today or yesterday which is great.

Gayle Zientek: I can’t keep track.

Kody Bateman: Now, you mentioned Gayle, you mentioned to me because when you were telling the story the other day, you mentioned to me that your 98th referral came in from this lady who referred a customer to you. That you happen to go into your card sending system to check the history of how many times you had reached out to that person with a greeting card and you were kind of surprised at what you found. Can you walk us through that whole story because I think if you do that, it’s going to help people to see just powerful and easy this program is and how– you know how effective it is. Go ahead.

Gayle Zientek: Yeah, effective. I was surprised, I pulled up my Contact Manager and there was like this long string of you know View This Card from dating back seven years ago 2010 up to when I sent a thank for the referral card just the other day. And there were 38 cards that were sent during that period of time. And it did kind of surprise me so I started to go back and click on the dates of the cards to see, you know what were the cards that I sent.

The very first card that I sent to Mike was actually when he joined our BNI Networking group and  it was a picture of him you know doing the pledge and so that was on the inside of the card. And then other cards throughout the time you know there’s holiday cards,  there were personal picture cards, you know they went golfing as a family and so I put the pictures of them golfing on the inside of the card.

Client events, Steve and I host a client event twice a year so we have our annual Pumpkin Fest which is on October and then our Flower fest. What’s easy for me to do with our system is I have– this is like last year’s card. We partner with lenders, title partners and our daughter’s day care, we custom brand it at the back of the cards and then we follow up after the event with a postcard with pictures of the event itself. So, these are just examples.

And what I do is I have groups of people in our system so our top 100 which is actually about 175 to be honest with you. And I create this card and I click Send. I send it to the Pumpkin Fest, the top 100 people and those cards go out with a touch of a button, all I have to do is go in and put 2017 for this year and send them out. Same with Flower Fest we’re able to take pictures of our events kind of put it on the inside of the card, custom-branding on the back and send those out. And that’s how we’re able to do it.

So many of the cards that I send to them are client even cards because they come, it’s an opportunity for us to get face-to-face with all of our clients and then the follow up with cards afterwards. So, father-daughter dance. Oh my gosh, I sent Mike and Cali, his daughter a picture, they posted it on Facebook and I send it back to him in a card and they were so thrilled. Mike post pictures all over social media of the card and the gift that I send to them. And that just elevates you in the minds of the people that you don’t know, that you don’t have a relationship. So the relationship with them expands on to their center of influence as well.

Kody Bateman: So Gayle, it’s– so with the cards you sent them, you’re really it’s a celebration of life. You’re just celebrating their everyday life. You’re not asking for business. You’re not asking for referral. You’re just celebrating– again, and I think both Jim and Jay spoke to this, the less you talk about what you offer and the more you put the focus on the person you’re sending the card to, the better this whole system works for you. You’re a master of that by the way. You are so good at celebrating other people’s lives.

Now, real quick, our time is short but I really want to touch on this. I think it’s really important. I think a lot of people that are listening right now and they see all of you guys and your examples and how cool your cards look. And Gayle, you just shared a story where you went into your card history and 37 or 38 greeting cards have been sent to this person over the last seven years. I got to be straight I mean people listening in right now are probably thinking wow! That just seems like daunting. That just seems– how in the work am I ever going to send 38 cards to somebody. But I want you to speak to that, in fact, any of the three of you can speak to that because what people don’t realize is that those 38 cards is an accumulation process from some consistent activity that you do maybe in an hour or two a day. Can you guys speak to that? Start with you, Gayle.

Gayle Zientek: Well, you know I look at it this way. I can market to the people I know, I can spend my time, my dollars, my energy on the people that already know, like and can trust me and get positive results. And it has been proven so the more consistent I am the more identified the people that are up to work with us, tend people work with us. That’s– it brings joy in my life. And it brings much less stress in going out and always working with people that you spend the first 15 to 20 minutes letting them know, who you are, what you do and why they should trust you when people can come to you because they already know, like and trust you. So there’s just really no comparison that it takes consistent effort over time but it’s worth it.

Kody Bateman: OK. But and I like all three of you to speak [0:28:40.6] [Indiscernible] first to close to call. It takes, in fact, Jay, Jay is going to get animated about this, I can just warn you right upfront. He’s going to get animate– if you want to be successful in real estate or in any other business, it doesn’t matter what business it is, you have to take a conscious effort in marketing your services to people period. You have to spend time doing that.

People’s success from real estate, they allocate or they time block a certain amount of time every single day to market prospect to new people. I think what you guys are saying is that’s we do with this system. And the difference between success and failure in real estate or anywhere else is some people take the time and do it, another people don’t. So, in closing, I just like the three of you just to share your thoughts on that and then we’ll close up the call, go ahead. Let’s start with you, Jay.

Jay McHugh: Great. Thanks very much, Kody. People have been texting because we speak often all three of us and I’m so glad to have us on the call. But as I said earlier, people count, numbers don’t. When you focus on people, you’ll have an infinite amount of business. When you focus on numbers, you create cement shoes and you don’t get anything done and you’re going to proverbial bankruptcy.

The second quote I came up with is that if you look at a garden, and you just sprinkle the garden, you’re also sprinkling the plants and the weeds. But if you focus on just sprinkle and water just the plants, the weeds never grow. Often times in our real estate business, we’re spending resources to the weeds and we run out of money and we don’t really get good results. So I’d like to end by just telling people, focus more on spending your time, energy and resources like Jim and Gayle on your best clients and you’ll be successful using SendOutCards.

Kody Bateman: Thank you, Jay. I appreciate you being with us. Jim, go ahead, final thoughts.

Jim McCord: OK thanks, Kody. And I’m going to share another card only because you know all realtors are around the country we’re all trained the same way. And I did that and it does work. But when you think, you take a guy like me who was actually in a slump with business slump and an emotional slump, who had never listen one home over a million dollars has now listed over 40 homes and is listing them nationwide all because of this product that speaks volumes, volumes.

I mean look at this property. That’s a $6.5 million listing on Lake Michigan. And I’ll tell you what’s cool about this system is once we got that listed, we mail that to people how make $5 million or more. And this went to a Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers and we put his picture on the front. So when he gets this, I guarantee he’s never got a card. And what’s amazing about this Kody is six years ago, 10 years ago, there’s not a pair I could list a $1 million house in Kentucky. Now, I got a $6.5 million house listed in like Michigan.

Kody Bateman: Incredible.

 Jim McCord: It’s ridiculous. And what’s different about it is all the other agent/realtors are doing the same stuff and clients get tired – well, we have the offer, it’s not about us, it’s not about our company or how great we are. We make it about them. And it has impacted that you just won’t believe until you try it.

 Kody Bateman: Incredible stuff. Thanks, Jim. Gayle, any final thoughts. Go ahead.

Gayle Zientek: Well, I just echo what Jim just said, we make it about them. And people– I had a gal who sent me a message the other day and she says, “What’s the difference if I go out and buy a box of cards from the Dime Store, the Dollar Store and use your system?” And this is what I told her, I said, you know I had a client that I– he just listed and sold their house last month. And Liza was referred to me in 2010. Her daughter graduated from high school and we went over and she called us after all these years, listed her home, sold it. It’s the fastest home I’ve ever sold in seven hours.

But here’s the kicker, she had the card that I sent her in 2010 in her desk drawer. It’s a picture of her and her daughters standing in the front porch of the house and I told this gal, I said that’s the difference. If you write a handwritten note, those go far but they’re not going to save them for seven to 10 years and call you back in the future. It’s how you make other people feel and the Maya Angelou quote, “People will forget what you did, they’ll forget what you said but they’ll never, ever forget the way you make them feel.” And this system makes people feel loved, appreciated and celebrated.

Kody Bateman: Fantastic! Great words from you Gayle and from all three of our presenters today. I can’t thank you enough. If you’re listening to this, chances are somebody had shared the post with you, got you there. Get back with a person and find out about this system that all three of these icon real estate experts use and get back with them and find out how to make that work for you in your own life, in your personal life or your business. We are Relationship Marketing at its very best. You know we live in a digital world and we’re going tangible. We’re going tangible, when everybody is sending emails, we’re going to send the heartfelt greeting card with the picture in it and the message from you in it, from your heart. We’re going to make it about you and not about us. We’re going to send you the box of brownies with it.

It’s really going to separate you from other people in business. But more importantly, it just makes you a better person. That’s we started this whole movement. The business success is secondary to what it’s really about. It’s helping us to reach out, act on our promptings, reach out and be nice to other people. The world needs that. Let’s go out, bring the human race together, my friends.

God bless everybody. I appreciate you for being on the call today. Take care everybody. Salute!

Gayle Zientek: Thanks.

Jay McHugh: Thank you.

Gayle Zientek: Thank you.