In this week’s Success Stories, I interview three individuals that share their relationship marketing success stories on the weekly broadcast of Relationship Marketing Weekly. Andre shares how he increased his business by 60%. Mary June shares how the family business generated $30,000 in additional sales in the first month using this strategy. Dave shares how they increased summer bowling business by 63% in one month.

If you’re a business owner, manager, or sales professional, this week’s interview will absolutely amaze you!

Kody Bateman: Hey everybody. This is Kody Bateman here at one o’clock Mountain Standard Time. We’re here getting ready to get started with this Go Live meeting. We’re real excited. If you’re getting on here right now, you’re probably seeing some good-looking people next to me here.

I got three incredible guests. They’re going to be on this call today and we’re going to be talking about a really cool subject – relationship marketing at its very best. We’ve got some great, great stories in store for you today. If you’re in any type of business, if you run a business, if you’re in sales of any type, if you’re responsible for bringing on sales or retaining customers or generating referral business or you’re interested in that kind of thing, this is the call for you. This is a very, very exciting call with some incredible stories.

My job today is to simply interview these three amazing people and have them share how they’ve implemented relationship marketing into their business. What’s cool about today’s cool is there are three completely different types of businesses that we’re going to feature today. So we’re excited.

Real quick. First just a little bit about me. I’ve been doing this stuff for quite a while now. You know, many, many years ago, I started a company to basically help people be nice to each other. People ask me all the time, “Kody, what do you do?” Well, I teach people how to be nice to each other. That’s pretty much what I do and I have a phone app that helps you do that. We have a system that helps you to send out greeting cards and gifts to people in your personal life and in your business.

We started this out just having a lot of fun and most people would start out [0143]. But here’s what we found out over the years, is that people quickly started using it for their business. The next thing I know, we become the relationship marketing company of companies. I mean we literally become relationship marketing experts with a premier relationship marketing system in the world today. That’s what we’ve evolved into.

We’ve sent – oh my goodness. We’ve sent over 160 million real greeting cards out to people for the people to use our service. Over 160 million greeting cards, over six million gifts. We’ve taught personal development and relationship marketing seminars and courses all over the world for the past 14 years.

Again, it’s basically we just teach people how to be nice to each other. We celebrate life. We appreciate people while they’re living and what you send out in life is what comes back to you. So it’s a great movement. It’s a lot of fun. So enough about me. I’m going to jump right in.

We got three incredible stories we want to feature today. The first one – I’m going to – so I got to put on my glasses here and just – but I look really good, I think. So anyway, I’m going to start my first interview here.

Andre Perdue. Andre Perdue is a manager of Red Rock Collision based out of Cottonwood, Arizona. Andre, how are you doing today, buddy?

Andre Perdue: Doing fantastic. Happy to be here.

Kody Bateman: Thank you for being with us. I really appreciate you being on here. Andre, you and I have had some discussion. In fact, I did an event a couple of weeks ago and we asked you to come up on stage and share your story. It was absolutely incredible. You’re in the collision business. So if somebody wrecks their car, they come to your place and get an estimate to get their car fixed and perhaps get their car fixed with you and probably most of us on this call have had an experience before with a company like yours.

Now, you started with Red Rock Collision about 15 months ago. Is that right?

Andre Perdue: Yes, I’ve been with the company about 15 months.

Kody Bateman: OK. And so you started there 15 months ago. When you got there, you brought with you what you call a business philosophy. I like what you called that. I got to read this. This is exactly your words.

“The business philosophy of the three-legged stool.” So Andre has a business philosophy of the three-legged stool that you actually brought to this collision business with you. Can you share with us what that is?

Andre Perdue: Sure. Basically, it’s the three things. Deliver a great product or service or sometimes it’s both. Have great communication not only with your people, but also with your customers and clients and then also have a way to appreciate your customers and even your employees.

Kody Bateman: OK, so pretty simple. So three things. If you’re not taking notes, take notes because this is good stuff. The three-legged stool is provide an impeccable service, which obviously you do there, and communicate. Not only with your customers but your employees too. All this applies to both customers and employees.

So have a great product. Communicate impeccable communication and the third one is show appreciation. Now, when you got started there, that company was doing a couple of those things. Based on what you told me is they were pretty light in the appreciation area. When you came there 15 months ago, you incorporated an appreciation program with that company.

So I want you to share that with us and in fact, what you told me, what you shared with me before is that there are really two primary types of people that you follow up with. One is somebody that comes in and gets an estimate and the other is somebody that actually you do business with. Can you share with us that process, what you do with those people?

Andre Perdue: Well, as most people know, the – most people in the body shop, they’re instructed to go get three estimates. So that’s exactly what people do. They will come see us. If we’ve never met them before, they’re not already a prior customer, they will come in and ask for an estimate.

If they do not schedule with us – in other words, the job has not been captured, for whatever reason, I will send them a thank-you card and the thank-you card just simply says, “Hey, thanks for coming in to see us at Red Rock Collision. We appreciate you.”

I don’t ask for anything and that’s one of the things that I send out when they come in and they just get an estimate.

Kody Bateman: OK. Now I want to make sure that everybody hears your story right. So these are people that have not done business with you yet.

Andre Perdue: Right. This is a new customer, a new prospect as we call them. Sometimes it’s nobody we’ve done the business with before, but somebody that could be a customer but hasn’t – I don’t want to say “signed up,” but has not signed the repair orders to have their car repaired.

Kody Bateman: So you told me a story about a lady that came in and you send [0701] that’s a great story. If you recall that, can you share that with us?

Andre Perdue: Sure. We had a gal who again was getting her three estimates and she came in and I wrote her an estimate. She already had her other two estimates. So she left and I followed up with a phone call with no answer. There was – she didn’t answer the phone. But I did send her a thank-you card to say, “Hey, thanks for coming in.”

About three or four days later, she – actually, it was seven days later. The following week, she called back and said, “Hey, I would like to go and schedule the repair.” I’m like, “Fantastic!” So we got her Subaru scheduled in.

Before she hung up the phone, she says, “Hey, I want you to know something.” So, what’s that? She goes, “Well, I want you to know that you were not the least expensive estimate. But the reason I’m scheduling and I want to have my car fixed with you is because you sent me that thank-you card and I really appreciated that.

If you are that thoughtful to do such a thing as send me a card, then you know what? I really need to have my car fixed with you guys. So she did.

Kody Bateman: Wow, that’s a great story. Smart people have done studies and they determined that less than three percent of people actually send a thank-you card to people they may be doing business with.

The number one way to get people to want to come back to you is a thank-you card. So the number one way to generate people that like your business and want to come back is a thank-you card, but almost nobody does it.

So that’s a great story and I said thank-you cards to people that you do business with. But people you don’t do business with – and I think it’s just a lost art. I mean most people don’t ever get treated that way. So it really does set you apart.

So it’s a great, great story and the other thing is your customers, somebody who goes through the process. Tell us how you follow up with those folks.

Andre Perdue: So we will do the repair and naturally we have pictures of the car before the loss or – I mean before we actually fix it. Then when they come to pick up the car, of course I take pictures of the car when it’s done. So when it’s done, I like to get a picture of the customer standing in front of their car, done and all repaired. Then they get their car and they leave and then immediately I go in the office and I send them a, “Hey, thank you for your business. We really appreciate you choosing and trusting Red Rock Collision.”

So in the card, there will be the before, you know, when it was damaged and then of course them, with a picture of them, with the car done. We also send a little gift too, some goodies or some brownies or something to really let them know that they, we appreciate them. Not just saying thank you once we give them the keys and they leave. But really letting them know that we appreciate them as a customer and want to continue to do business with them and they always do with us.

With the – what happens is, is they end up calling back about four days later and saying, “Wow! Thank you so much for the gift. The brownies were fantastic. Thank you for the card. We will never use anybody else. You guys are awesome,” and the feedback is fantastic.

Kody Bateman: So OK, great, great stories. But you’re talking about – there’s a lot of people listening right now. They’re probably thinking, “Oh my goodness. He send a real greeting card with a before picture and an after picture.” How in the world do you do that?

So tell us a little bit about the process of how you do it. Obviously you use the system that we have here. Just tell us the process of how long it takes you to actually do it.

Andre Perdue: So what we do is we have – we use my phone. We have an app as you mentioned and we use the – we utilize the app. We take photos with my phone on the app and it goes right into the system and I go in there and I already have their address in there because I’ve already – we already kind of get it ready for them because we know we’re going to send every customer a thank-you card.

We send them a card and it’s a customized card and it takes about 30 seconds. I mean it takes a whole lot of time and it’s – it makes such a huge impact and everything done from my phone and then I go in the office and I just hit the submit button.

Kody Bateman: Well, it’s incredible. I know you’ve gotten some great results. You not only do this in your business. You do this card thing in your everyday life. You mentioned to me that once you start using this app that you talked about, you use it in your business obviously. You gave us two examples of that.

But you use it in everyday life. In fact, you told me a story about going to a restaurant once. You got to share that. It was a great story.

Andre Perdue: Yeah, this was a couple of months ago. We went to a restaurant and it had big windows upfront. We were sitting upfront and we’re looking out the window. It’s me and my son Frankie and there’s this older couple. The old man had fallen and he dropped his food, his takeout food and everything and naturally, we were like, “Oh my gosh. We need to go out there and help this guy.”

So me and my son ran out there. We picked him up off the ground, get his food in the car and he was like, “Thank you so much.” So we go back in the restaurant because we were still waiting on our food and we went in there to eat.

Well, the owner of the restaurant, her name happens to be Suzy, she sees all this unbeknownst to us and says, “Hey, you guys. I’ve seen what you did. That was pretty cool. You know? Dessert is on me.” So she brings out dessert. We all have ice cream sundaes or whatever and then – so I just take a picture of it and I get her address. I get her card, business card, and I send her a thank-you card and just say, “Hey, thanks a lot for the dessert.”

So about a month and a half later, she comes in and she goes, “Hey, I wrecked my –” Now, bear in mind. I didn’t know this was her because I forget and I’m old. So she comes in and she goes, “I need an estimate of my car.” We write an estimate. I schedule her in and it’s to the tune of about $6000, just repair. She’s about ready to walk out the door and this always happens to me. They say, “Hey, I want you to know something.” I’m like, “What’s that Suzie?” She goes – bear in mind I had forgotten up until this point that I’ve done this, that I sent her the card. She goes, “I just want you to know the reason I’m here is because you sent me that thank-you card.”

At this point, I still wasn’t sure. She goes, “Remember at the restaurant?” Then I remembered. I was like, “Oh, that’s right.” She goes, “Yeah, you sent me that thank-you card for giving you the dessert and I just – that’s why I’m here, and that made an impact on me and that just really – I thought that was really cool and that’s why I want to do business with you.”

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Andre Perdue: My heart just sunk and I thought, “Well, that’s fantastic.” So you don’t turn this stuff off – I heard somebody say one time. It just – everything matters. Every little thing you do matters and it may take weeks, months. But you don’t sit there and wait for it. But when it happens, wow, it’s fantastic.

Kody Bateman: So relationship marketing is not something you do. It’s who you are. I mean you shared that with your stories. You can’t turn it off now. It’s like it’s just what you do all the time.

Andre Perdue: Yes.

Kody Bateman: What you send out is what comes back to you and I love your stories because they really convey that. Now just a final thought. There are a lot of people on this call that are going, “OK, Andre. They’re awesome stories. Cool. You make people feel good. That’s great. But when I’m in a business, I need to know what does this mean. What has this done for your business?”

So share with our audience what this activity in the last 15 months has done for your business.

Andre Perdue: Well, along with everything that – you know, you have to get everything right. The first processes have to be – to get to level one, you got to make sure you do everything right. You got to repair the car right. You have to have that communication. But this third piece is so important because it really just nails the deal as far as getting people to be your loyal, raving fans.

So what it has done for us and answer the question is we have grown tremendously in the past 15 months. We quantify it by going back to look at our numbers. We have two shops and this shop here, we’ve increased sales by 60 percent and with one shop.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Andre Perdue: And it’s just – we’ve had to increase staff. We’ve also – the car count has gone up. The way that we satisfy our customers are – what we call CSI, customer service index, has just skyrocketed and it’s – I have to attribute it to the system. Send out cards that we’ve been using.

Kody Bateman: Excellent. Well, thank you. I appreciate the stories that you’ve shared with us today, Andre and we will feature you on the Kody Bateman webpage. We would like to feature your story there. People can go to and they can see two-minute tips and different stories like this. So we would like to invite you to share that story on there as well.

I’m going to move on to our next guest, [1633] based out of Tempe, Arizona. [] how are you doing today? It’s great to have you with us.

Mary June Collins: Fantastic. Thank you for having me on, Kody. What a privilege.

Kody Bateman: Well, it’s a privilege to have you on. Again, like Andre, you also shared your story at one of our recent events. In fact both of you shared your stories the same day. You added so much. Both of you guys added so much to the seminar that day on your stories.

You have an absolutely amazing story. Your husband owns a scrap metal recycling company again based out of Tempe, Arizona. Rather than get into a bunch of questions, I would just like for you to just tell the story. I mean your entire story, the way that you did it at that event, because it’s so powerful, if you could share that with us.

Mary June Collins: Sure, sure. I would love to. So it has been about five years ago that my husband opened up this new business and it was supposed to be kind of a fun retirement business and it’s a scrap metal recycling plant.

For the first couple of years, it was going really well. I mean for a new business, it was doing great and then in the third year of his business, 2015, the metal market crashed and I mean it really crashed. It was like one of the lowest points in history.

So overnight, we – the scrappers stopped scrapping. We had no business. We had no customers and that went by a couple of months and we – our business was just hanging on by a thread. At the very same time, I had gone to a business networking – it’s called BNI, Business Networking International. I had gone to a leadership meeting and it was one of those all-day things and the very last speaker was Jordan Adler and he was speaking on SendOutCards. It’s funny. When I think back today, I almost didn’t stay because I was like, “I am starving. I got to get out of here.” I almost didn’t stay. But something inside of me said, “No, you need to listen to this.”

So I sat down and Jordan got up and he started talking about how to turn 10 business cards into 100 customers by doing five things. Those five things were all about sending out cards and gifts. That you would touch that customer five times a year. So I just sat there and I was just so overwhelmed thinking about I really need to do this for my husband’s business.

I mean after all, that’s what we needed. We needed customers to stay alive. So I – as soon as he was done speaking, I ran out in the lobby. I hunted him down and I talked to Jordan for a few minutes and he was so gracious. He actually said yes. He goes, “You just need to do this.”

So he connected me with George Redheffer and I signed up a couple of days later and I remember signing up with the marketing bundle because I just loved everything about it. I loved the fact that I could brand the back of the card with my husband’s branding and I went through all those points. I knew that I was going to send out cards to every single one of his customers right away.

So I went with the marketing bundle and I just went home and started sending out cards. I really didn’t even know what I was doing. But I actually have the card with me today. It’s a very plain card but I will show it to you.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, that would be good.

Mary June Collins: It’s a scrap metal. It says, “Thanks, man.”

Kody Bateman: Oh, I love it.

Mary June Collins: Open it up and it’s very simple as you can see. Just a little appreciation in here. Really pouring out my heart and just thanking them for their business. Then on the back of the card, I even put – this is a scrap metal. This is an excavator and it’s on his scrap metal property.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Mary June Collins: So that’s the simple little card.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, that’s great.

Mary June Collins: And I will tell you what. That card worked. I sent it out to all these customers and the very next month, we had 42 new referral customers and it literally kept our business alive.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Mary June Collins: We are overwhelmed. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the results from the card. But now when I think about it, scrappers, a lot of the scrappers came in and they said, “Dennis, you sent me a card?” They’re not used to getting cards. The last time they got a card, they couldn’t even remember.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Mary June Collins: So they were just so – like so grateful for just getting the card and we still have those customers today. The customer retention is just amazing just because of that one card and a couple of months later – so then we were able to pay the bills. We are able to pay the rent on land that we’re leasing and we stayed alive. But a couple of months later, I mean the metal market stayed flat and so a couple of months later, I said, “Well, let’s do the card thing. The card thing worked.”

So it was St. Patrick’s Day and I said, “Well, they’re all getting a St. Patrick’s Day card. That’s all there is to it. I don’t care if they’re Irish or not. They’re getting a St. Patrick’s Day card.” So we did. We just made up a card, send it out to all of his customers. In the middle of March, that was S.t Patrick’s Day. We were just – nothing was coming in. But by the end of March, we had $30,000 worth of business come in and we were able to once again pay the rent on our land.

Kody Bateman: Wow! Incredible story. So this literally saved your business.

Mary June Collins: Absolutely. Absolutely, 100 percent. From that time on, because really the market – it goes up a little bit. It goes up a little bit. It goes back down. Up and down, up and down. But our retention is so strong. It’s because we still just keep out – sending out those thank-you cards. Almost every time somebody brings in a big load, we will send them cards and brownies.

So maybe they’re just coming in for the brownies. I don’t know. But who cares? We’re still alive. Two years later today, we just – that’s how we get new prospects. Dennis will [2256]. Ninety percent of our business comes from other businesses and so he will go into a business and most of the time, they don’t want to talk to him. We already got a scrap guy. We already got somebody we’re using. We’re happy with them.

But he will come home and give me their business card and I will send them cards and brownies and don’t you know, the next week, he’s in their office and 70 percent of the time that we have sent cards and brownies to prospects, we have gotten their business.

Kody Bateman: Again, I want to make sure everybody heard what you just said. So 70 percent of the time you send a card to your prospect, you get business. I mean that – like there’s – numbers like that do not exist in marketing today. They just don’t.

Mary June Collins: No.

Kody Bateman: Yeah.

Mary June Collins: It is. It’s huge. We love it. Our goal is to get five prospects a week and send them cards and brownies and that’s how we’re building our business today and today we have a big business. It’s not small anymore.

Kody Bateman: Yeah. In fact, if you don’t mind, you shared with me some numbers.

Mary June Collins: Yeah.

Kody Bateman: Yeah, tell us the size of your business today, how you’re doing.

Mary June Collins: So in today’s world, he does $400,000 worth of steel a month and he does $50,000 worth of copper, brass and aluminum. So we’re not the little guy on the block anymore.

Kody Bateman: Wow.

Mary June Collins: We attributed all this to SendOutCards because it’s the only marketing we do.

Kody Bateman: So the card system that you use and you do it from your phone or from your computer. It’s a real card that goes out and you’re saying that’s the only method of marketing that you use today. That you’ve become one of the larger players in your market in the scrap metal business.

Mary June Collins: Absolutely.

Kody Bateman: Thank you for sharing with us today. We really appreciate that. Just an amazing story. Want to go on to our final guest here today. Dave Smith based out of Draper, Utah. Dave has got an interesting story and it’s – use the system kind of similar to how Mary June used it in that he sent out cards to groups of people and Mary June, you sent out cards to groups of people and got huge results from it.

Dave has an interesting story. First of all, welcome to the call, Dave. Appreciate you being with us.

Dave Smith: Thanks. Awesome to be here, man.

Kody Bateman: Yeah. So Dave, he – I want you all to imagine this. You were asked by a family member. In this case, it was his dad. So let’s say your mom or dad comes to you and says, “Hey, I’ve got a business that’s failing. You need to go turn it around for me,” and you know very, very little about the business. That’s what your dad asked you to do, right? I mean in this case it was a bowling alley. Your dad runs a couple of bowling alleys and your dad is in poor health right now. So he asked you to come and basically rescue one of his bowling alleys and you knew very little about it.

Now one thing about Dave, Dave is a seasoned business guy. I mean he has been very successful in other businesses, in the construction business and direct sales and network marketing. He’s a relationship marketing expert. So you’ve had some great success in other businesses. But how much did you really know about bowling alleys?

Dave Smith: Yeah. I didn’t know much at all about bowling alleys. In fact, dad is the one who taught me all the other businesses that I ended up getting into. But when he said the bowling alley is failing, I’m like, “Oh, man. What am I going to do here?” It’s an hour and a half. First of all, it’s an a hour and a half drive from me and it’s three and half hours from him. So I’m closer and so that’s one of the reasons I decided to take it on.

But yeah, I knew nothing about bowling other than I did a league with my dad when Lorie [2649] and I were first married. So we did that for a couple of years and that’s about it. So when I first got there, to the bowling alley, no one knew who I was. I kind of look a little bit like my dad. So they kind of were questioning who this guy over here that looks like a real young – a much, much younger version of their owner and anyway, they started to ask me questions and I got to know a lot of the people there.

The first thing I could tell needed to be done was we needed new management there. So we picked that out. They actually stood right out from us. We knew exactly who was going to be the new manager and then once we put that new manager in place, I went to her and said, “Do you have a database?” and she goes, “Well, all we have is a list of lead bowlers.” I said, “OK. Is that in Excel? Because I need the Excel files.” She goes, “No, that’s all on paper.” This is a small town out in the middle of Utah and very small town. So she gives me this paper. There are like five or six sheets of paper that we literally had to go in and type in all the names and addresses. About 173 people we ended up typing in.

Now these were people that had been on leagues the past five or six years. But leagues were way, way down, way down from where they were and we had nothing going on in the summers at all. Summers was just a lost. Three or four months, just a lost. So what we did with that list is after painfully typing it all in instead of using the Excel spreadsheet, we got it all in there and we just simply sent a card to all of the league – past league members and this was right before the summer league started. So winter leagues were just getting over and the summer league, we only have one night a week where we do a fun summer league.

The prior year, there were very few people that even showed up to that summer league and we needed it, right? To hold on through the summer. So we sent 173 people from the past five years that have bowled with us and the summer league literally increased from the past couple of years more than 63 percent. Sixty-three percent more people showed up to the summer league, which saved basically the summer for the bowling alley.

Kody Bateman: So that was one card campaign, just one card to 170 people.

Dave Smith: Yeah. It was just simple thanking them for bowling in the past with us on leagues and things like this. We even gave them a free game inside the card because we thought that would get them out to see the new manager and things like that. It took off like crazy. What’s interesting from that one card – now we collect birthdays and stuff like that. We send our league bowlers and a lot of our customers that want to get a birthday card from us. We collect all that information and send those out.

But what’s interesting is after that summer league was over, we sent another card out, telling them about – the winter leagues are just starting and winter leagues increased by 40 percent. So now we’re like the heroes and we had no clue what we were doing. It’s pretty cool.

Kody Bateman: For a lot of people that are listening in for the first time, these numbers that are being shared are – literally, they’re unbelievable numbers. Anybody that has a marketing system knows that whatever you do, if you get a two to three to four percent response rate, it’s considered good.

We’re throwing out numbers – you know, 60 percent increase, 70 percent increase, 40 percent increase. Just by some simple things. Now Dave, you’ve really become a relationship marketing expert. Why is it that our – the tangible touch – this is a tangible touch. It’s a greeting card that comes in the mail. You feel it. You touch it. You open it.

Why is it that you think that this approach versus what everybody else is doing in the world today in marketing, why do we get such good results?

Dave Smith: Well, most businesses the past 10 years have moved to like an email or a social media type appreciation. That’s digital and it’s gone in two seconds, right? I mean we don’t even open the emails. So these people are literally getting a hand-addressed envelope, first class postage, addressed to them and they get to feel it, touch it and they feel appreciated. But even more than that in our instance, with the bowling center, they were curious too.

Not only did they feel appreciated after bowling there for years and with no appreciation for years actually. They get appreciated for bowling and they may not have been there for two years, right? So now they feel appreciated. They’re also curious to see who the new management is. She’s homegrown right there in the town and they come in and meet with her and it’s just – it’s a phenomenal experience to be able to make people feel good.

I mean Kody, you teach all the time. Whatever you appreciate appreciates and that’s what I had in my mind when I was looking around, going, “Oh no! What do I do?”

Then it popped in my head. Whatever you appreciate appreciates. So let’s appreciate these past customers and that will appreciate our business. That’s what happened.

Kody Bateman: Excellent. Well, I will tell you, what a great call here today. All three of you did a phenomenal job sharing with us your stories. People love stories and you’ve shared some great ones today. By the way, these stories along with many, many others from many different industries are featured on You can go there. It has got articles and different things you can read.

There are two-minute tips, which are videos, that people are just capturing stories like this. We have people in real estate, in insurance, in annuities, in car sales. Now in sheet metal and collision deals and bowling alleys. I mean that’s what’s cool is that you see that what we’re doing in relationship marketing really works for you.

So I encourage you to go on there and do that. Any final thoughts from any of you as we close up the call today? And again, thank you all very much for being on with us. Just any final thoughts you would like to share with our guests today? I would appreciate it. By the way, those of you – if you want to know more about the system and what’s being used here, simply just get back with the person that shared this video with you today and they can give you more information about how you can use our system. So please do that. Again, any final thoughts from any of you? Go ahead.

Andre Perdue: I have one I would just like to share with – it kind of resonates about listening to Dave’s and Mary June’s experience and mine as well. But I think if we as businesspeople or just people, in general, understand that customers are people and so when we personalize the experience, that’s the difference.

So customers are people. So let’s personalize the experience and that’s what we do with these cards. We personalize their experience they’re going to have with us as a customer and the unique thing about it is nobody else is doing to do it, except us.

So it definitely distinguishes us in the marketplace or whatever market we’re in, whether it’s bowling alleys or scrap metal or body shops. We’re definitely going to set ourselves above the competition.

So if you’re going to give customers the ultimate experience, give them an experience. We do that …

Kody Bateman: Thanks. We appreciate it.

Dave Smith: Yeah. One thing I would say Kody is we kind of all talk about our customers because that’s what increases the bottom line and that’s kind of what we all kind of focus on. But in another business I have, I’ve used this type of system, this type of strategy for vendors and I can’t tell you the favors and the relationships that have grown because I sent vendors cards and brownies and things like that.

So yeah, it’s not just about customers and clients and all that kind of stuff or even prospects. You know, people that should be buying from you that maybe aren’t yet. But the vendors will become a referral source for you if you treat them right too. So …

Kody Bateman: Absolutely. Thank you. Mary June, any final thoughts?

Mary June Collins: Guys, I think we’ve covered it all. I just love their testimonies and I don’t know. It’s fun being on here with you today and it’s just – as a whole, the SendOutCards family, I mean they’re just so amazing, so generous, so loving, so caring. I mean when you come into SendOutCards, you come into a whole family of just wonderful people and that I am so, so grateful for.

Kody Bateman: Well, thank you Mary June. Thank you everybody. I appreciate it. Thank you all, you guests, for being on here today. Again, get back with the person that shared this with you. They can share with your more about how you can get involved with the system. Again, we’re just about helping people be nice to each other. That’s really what it’s all about. I get into Uber drivers all the time. They all – I teach people how to be nice to each other, which is what we do and then it always brings on further conversation and next thing you know, they’re using our system and that we need this in the world today, friends. We’re bringing the human race together through kindness and the world needs that right now. We really, really need it. Not only in our business but in our personal lives as well.

Let’s go out there and be an inspiration to the world. We have a mechanism for positivity. We can send positivity to the world every single day. We simply do that by sharing appreciation to other people, celebrating other people. It’s really what we do.

So I just want to thank everybody for being on here and we will probably see you – see us doing this in the future. So thanks again everybody. Take care. We’re out.