Christmas is the biggest Holiday for card sending…

Christmas Greetings are sent each year to the tune of 1.5 billion cards, that’s more than any other holiday. Holiday cards account for 60 percent of card sales each year.

Aside from families and personal cards, businesses find it a great time to send out Annual Christmas Greetings saying Thank You for your business, to customers/clients, prospective clients and employees.

Here are a few other benefits of sending out Christmas Greetings…

  • You stay top of mind
  • Shows you appreciate your current clients
  • Business relationships are enhanced
  • Promotes Referrals and New customers
  • Retains your current customers

Some other tips to keep in mind when sending Christmas Greetings…

1.  Be Sensitive to Traditions (seasons greetings or happy holidays)

2. Update Your List (organize throughout the year to save the last minute hassle)

3. Adding Personal Signatures

4. Mail to Home Address (for the biggest impact)

6. Use Titles (such as Mr. & Mrs. etc…)

7.  Buy Quality Cards

8. Avoid the Mail Rush (mail on time for the Holiday)

Organizing your Holiday Card List & Preparing your Christmas Greetings or Holiday cards before Thanksgiving will help you to enjoy the Holiday Season and give you more time to celebrate.

If you find yourself to late for Christmas Greetings, don’t panic!

Simply send out a greetings that thank your customers/clients for their business for the past year and that you look forward to serving them in the New Year.

Also important, don’t forget these great reasons for sending greeting cards to enhance your business throughout the year, until the Holiday’s roll around again…

  • Birthdays
  • Thank You
  • Thanks for the Referral
  • Sorry to hear
  • Anniversary Date of Client Relationship

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I’m sending Christmas Greetings your way in hopes that you have a wonderful Holiday Season and may 2017 bring you much joy and prosperity…Happy Holiday’s take care Everyone 🙂