The Secrets of Closing the Sale is…There Are No Secrets

Are you out there looking for the magic secrets of closing the sale?

Well, there are no secrets of closing the sale.  Even better, this not-so-secret, secret has been in front of you forever!

Ever since we were little, our parents taught us to be kind and show appreciation and gratitude to those who help us in any way.

The same holds true in your adult life and business today.  Here are 2 key secrets of closing the sale, that really aren’t a secret at all…

  1.  Work hard
  2.  Show appreciation & gratitude

Hard work…Never goes un-noticed and is always rewarded in some way.  Depending on what the work is determines wether it’s a personal reward or monetary.  Both carry great value!

Look, we work hard to create customers.  Therefore, we must also remember, that we need to work hard to keep them. After all it is  “much less expensive to keep a customer than to find a new one”…right?

Good news…showing appreciation and gratitude can be a lot easier than you think!

Sure, you can do nothing, which I don’t recommend… or send a text, email or simply say thank you.  But I want to encourage you to ask yourself is “Is what I’m doing setting me apart from my competition?” 

Most business owners think a text, email or a simple thank you will do.  And while these ways of communication impact a customer, you’ll only see short-term results. In order to have long-term results, what is  going to make an impression on the customer to insure they remember you and stay loyal to you?

In this video below, you will learn how a Real Estate Agent has 98% closing ratio and secrets of closing the sale, while gaining more referrals in his business…


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