Defining Moments: Story and meaning of the Lyrics

Every year I write a theme song for our international convention. This year’s theme, “Defining Moments” was a bit challenging because the original theme was going to be “Perfect Moments”. We changed it at the last minute before announcing it at the 2015 convention.

So, in my mind I was already thinking about this concept:
We all do so many challenging things in life to create the perfect moments. And the more we live “on purpose” the more those perfect moments come along.

When we changed it to “defining moments” it took on a new meaning. What is the difference between a perfect moment and a defining moment? As we started gathering peoples defining moments, we found that most were coming from a time or place of challenge in someone’s life.

Long story short, we learned that, generally speaking, “off-purpose” living generated defining moments that came from a place of pain or challenge (I hit rock-bottom type of defining moments). And, “on-purpose” living generated defining moments that came from a place of bliss (perfect moments that propelled you to even higher levels of enjoyment).

Both types of defining moments are necessary in order for someone to reach their true potential for happy living.

So, how do you interweave this multi faceted message into Lyrics of a song?

As I always do, I took the concept to my music producer, Sean Galloway, aka Knicknotti, so he could create some tracks for me to get inspired by. But this time, the process was a bit different. Sean had already been working on a piece that he wanted me to listen to that might fit the project. He played for me the beginning of the track, which included a defining moment concept for a chorus. He even had the words of the first verse written.

Sean new my theme was going to be defining moments so his chorus line had the words defining moments in them. In other words, he had the project half-way done already.

When I heard it, I thought there was no sense in reinventing the wheel so lets just use it and I will add to it. The first verse and the chorus were completely written by Sean, with the assistance of our entertainers, Dot Biz and GQ.

We attempted to change the wording of the first verse to get our inspirational message in. We finally reverted back to their original words and played off of the theme of “travelling down the road of life”. I then wrote the second verse to get our message built on that story line.

Here are the words:

Defining Moments Lyrics: I’M GONNA LIVE TODAY (rollin’ rollin’ rollin’)

I got the road on my mind
Drivin’ through, gotta make up time
Gotta a couple dollars in my pocket
feelin’ rock it gonna live today

Summer nights in my view
Drivin’ through thinkin’ about you
gotta couple things on my list to do
I’m gonna live today

Been workin’ hard all dang week
‘Bout to put the peddle underneath my feet
I’ve been livin’ these crazy nights just to kill the day

Sleep no friend of mine
Seems I was boned up on the grind.
I’ll be comin’ up pushin’ this rig until it breaks

This story line was brilliant because it gives you the feel that the singer is enjoying a “perfect moment” in his life. In the video, we decided to show him travelling down the road in a convertible jeep having a great time. Picking up the hitchhiker with the sign that says “searching for defining moments”. That creative brilliance was all Sean Galloway. And it just so happens that the hitchhiker in the video is GQ, the talented artist that sings the chorus of this song. Notice the words she sings:


Seein’ the white lines
And keepin’ it rolling
Chasin’ them dreams down
We gonna roll again
Livin’ for the good times
And Defining Moments
Talk about full steam ahead
We on the road again
Out there on the road

The second verse is where we put the messaging in of how to find the defining moments in our lives that create the perfect moments we live for.

Verse 2

I kept faith and I saw the sign
I paid dues and I toed the line
I stayed true to my crazy heart
And I found my way

This is literally a to-do list of how to find and leverage your defining moments to create your ideal life.

Defining Moments around the bend
I’m doin’ life and I’m on the mend
Feelin’ like the rhythm of my journey
is going my way

These words convey that your defining moments are always just around the corner. The significant shifts and opportunities in your life are always up ahead. We need to trust, have faith, and enjoy life every day while you’re on the journey.

Now I’m flyin’ down the open road
Get my mind off of overload
Gotta live in the moment and dream
I’ma live today

This suggests that living with faith in the moment and enjoying the process while working towards a better future will help to slow your mind down. With practice, it reduces your worry thoughts and helps you to just “Be”.

Now I’m doin’ my life with ease
On my face I’m feelin’ the breeze
It’s the perfect moments
We livin’ for every day

The final words convey that if we follow the path as suggested throughout this song, your life will be more enjoyable. It delivers the promise that your “defining moment” or perfect moments will be more dominant in your every day life.

I would like to express a special thank you to Sean Galloway, Dot Biz and GQ for their amazing creativity and talent on this project. We make a great team.

So now you have the story behind the song. Click on the link and watch the music video again and enjoy the message.

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