Power relations are based on great conversations; they’re not based on one person showing the other how much they know.

When meeting with clients, customer’s or potential prospect’s it is easy to fall into the “forget the rest, just impress” mentality.  This type of attitude is common when meeting with someone you want to do business with.

The challenge with this attitude in Network Marketing especially, is that people join people first then the product! If they feel as though your a know it all and could care less about them, then you have no power relations with them. A conversation that is meant to build and strengthen trust, loyalty, and brand awareness suddenly turns into a “showcase” of how great you are.  They are simply not going to want to do any type of business with you or even more so, do what you just did!

People want to know the real you…

Have you ever gone in for a job interview and noticed that the interviewer asks you some questions pertinent to your resume? However, notice they mainly ask you about who you are, your goals, dreams and hobbies that bring meaning to your life.  Even though your resume is stellar, full of impressive facts, figures and data (which is how you got the interview in the first place), what they really want to see is your personality “off” paper.

To have Power Relations you need to listen to what people like, I mean really listen!  If you want to create real, meaningful and power relations you must master the art of conversation. Here are some basic techniques you can start implementing right now.  No matter where you are and with whomever your path crosses with today:

  1. Restrain your urge to impress others!
  2. Evaluate your conversations; do they help you and the other person?
  3.  Allow the conversation to make you feel moved and fulfilled; leave the discussion feeling energized with the notion you will see that person again.
  4. Pause every 4-5 minutes to ask thoughtful questions. Engage the other person allowing them to also ask questions and pose thoughts.
  5. Share relevant examples without causing a “turn over” of the conversation.
  6. Bring passion and emotion when speaking.

These tips seem basic, elementary at best…right?  You would be surprised how so many of us skip the“basic” art of conversation and dive right into our agenda. Human beings are intuitive and can see an agenda from a mile away. Set yourself apart, be genuine in your conversations. Build unique and meaningful relationships and you’ll see how having “power relations” can literally change the game completely.

Here are some ways to continue building the “power relations” by celebrating them…

  • Birthday’s
  • Anniversary’s (whether work or play)
  • Mile Stone’s they have achieved with their goals
  • Their family (children and spouses)
  • Get well
  • Big and small accomplishments

Ways to get it done…

  • Personalized Emails
  • Texts

However, to build power relations “Greeting Cards” are a must.

Thanks for joining me on my blog…I hope this will help you be powerful at building “Power Relations”…and if you know anyone who needs a little help in this area, make sure to share it with them!