Have you ever had a meeting with a new prospect, customer or client and been left thinking, “Well that didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped it would”?

Most new relationships take time to bloom; a few bumps in the road are expected with any new interaction. A bumpy start does not necessarily mean a relationship won’t flourish: low levels of trust or commitment may be over, which are followed by high levels of relational velocity. Early communications build trust and help develop processes and routines that support lasting improvements in relationship interactions.

Creating the Perfect Initial Interaction

When you make an initial interaction with someone of interest, it’s important to be genuine and to represent your brand, whether that be your own brand or that of the business you represent.


Knowing your brand is crucial because in your life and in your business people buy into you. They make a connection with you, establish a relationship with you, they build an emotional attachment to YOU. When it comes down to it, it’s ALL about you and what you can offer your customer or client, not the product you sell.

Remember the key to mastering relationships is to find out who you are so you can give yourself away. Your thoughts, beliefs and habits make up who you are. They also determine what you can accomplish.

So the next time you set up a meeting with a new prospect, customer or client, know your purpose and know your brand. Be confident, genuine and show appreciation. Remember, stop pitching and presenting to others and you’ll never have to “sell” again!

Your friend,

Kody B.