20 10, 2016

Learn To Be You From These Inspirational “Do You” Lyrics

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DO YOU LYRICS... Lyrics have powerful meaning. Oftentimes the hidden stories behind the words convey the deeper message and usually need explanation. I challenge you to research the stories behind the lyrics of your favorite songs. I have been known to write lyrics for ballads and rap songs always with the promise of positive and inspirational messaging. I also provide the stories behind the words with the intent of delivering a personal development message in a creative way. My latest work is the “Do You Rap”. I wrote the lyrics [...]

11 10, 2016


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Defining Moments: I have had many defining moments in my life. Most of them have evolved into a common theme that defines who I am as a person. I don’t believe I am unique to this experience. In fact, I believe we all have a common theme that our defining moments are based on. It’s important to explore your inner promptings and discover what that common theme is. It is there that we find our own uniqueness, the genius we have to offer the world. When we find it, we must stand for it… live it, [...]

8 10, 2016

Networking…Starting and Creating a New List of People for Your Business

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Networking...Are you missing the Human Connection? Technology...gotta love it man! But it's a fact that when networking... "People do business, with people they know like and trust" Technology saves us time & money, but there is a missing link when it comes to technology.  If your not careful, you'll lose that Human Connection that is so important when your trying to build a list of clients through Networking. Networking is building relationships over time.  You can network with people everywhere you go. Places such as Chambers of Commerce, Networking Events, [...]

6 01, 2016

Power Relationships

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  Power relationships are based on great conversations; they’re not based on one person showing the other how much they know. When meeting with a client, customer or potential prospect it is easy to fall into the “forget the rest, just impress” mentality. This type of attitude is common when meeting with someone you want to do business with. A conversation that is meant to build and strengthen trust, loyalty, brand awareness and a relationship suddenly turns into a “showcase” of how great you are. Have you ever gone in for a [...]

22 12, 2015

Relationship Money?

By |2018-07-18T01:42:58+00:00December 22nd, 2015|Personal Development, Relationship Marketing|

By now you understand the concept of MRM and if you have attended an MRM Seminar you are in tune with the strategies and practices in which to build your relationships upon so you can substantially grow. You know “Relationship Marketing” is based on the 80-20 rule and many other key principles. It’s all about relationships and giving to give. As I sit here this morning though, a thought has come to me and I’m curious to hear what you think of this new MRM phrase. Are you ready to [...]

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