Prospecting: Are You Missing These 5 Key Prospecting Questions?

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Prospecting is a sales process

Prospecting is not what most salespeople think it is these days. What it used to be, is all about the sale and marketing. However, nowadays people don’t like to be sold to.

First of all, I’ve learned a lot from my interview with Jeb Blount, the most downloaded sales podcaster in iTunes history. We discuss Sales Acceleration and peak performance, built through honoring the needs of prospects and customers.

Due to today’s digital world, prospecting and marketing is a woven chain that is linked together. Even more, it’s critical that anybody in sales, learn how to market this woven chain by building relationships from the sales and prospecting side.

There are 2 aspects to sales;

  1. Transactional and;
  2. Relational

Transactional sales are still relational, but it happens in a quicker time frame. Let’s take door-to-door sales as an example. The process with transactional sales is building rapport quickly enough to get to the point of purchase.

Relational sales are made by meeting people where they are at in their life. Understanding their familiarity bubble as Jeb Blount calls it. And the bulk of salespeople fit into the Relational Sales category.

What really then is the difference between Prospecting and Sales?

  • Prospecting is about asking for time
  • Sales is about asking for commitment

Therefore, prospecting 80% of the time is;

  1. Gathering information and
  2. Creating familiarity

Hence this is where Relationship marketing plugs into prospecting because it is now about the know, like and trust factor.

Certainly, objections are avoided when they know, like and trust you.

For this reason, just take the focus off of yourself by answering these 5 key questions your potential customer is asking themselves at the beginning of, and during the prospecting process;

  1. Do I like you
  2. Do you listen to me
  3. Do I feel important or significant
  4. Do you understand me
  5. Do I trust you & believe you

Mostly, the “familiarity bubble” and beginning of the relationship start along this woven chain. For instance, every time you touch your potential customer through;

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Texting
  • Social Media messaging or;
  • Sending a card
You move into their familiarity bubble.

How to take the focus off of yourself…

For this reason, you simply take the focus off of yourself by answering these 5 key questions, that your potential customer is asking themselves at the beginning of, and during the prospecting process;

Furthermore, this is where they begin to become comfortable in knowing, liking, and trusting you. At this time, you can move into sales and ask for commitments. Consequently, this creates longevity and loyalty with customers that stick around for a long time.

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What an excellent interview I had with Jeb Blount. I hope you enjoyed our live interview and soaked up all the golden nuggets Jeb shared with us.

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