Fundamentals: Sales Pros Always Keep Learning

Basic sales fundamentals remembered and repeated will take you from rookie sales to Pro sales!

The real challenge is not getting to good at sales!

On this blog post, learn how Bruce Marshall the ‘Rookie Sales Pro’ went from ‘Rookie’ to ‘Pro’ and how his success came from:

  • Learning
  • Remembering
  • Repeating

Basic sales fundamentals, even after becoming a professional salesperson.

Through music and relationships, Bruce Marshall breathes life into the challenging redundancies that can plague the lives of salespeople. Giving prospecting, cold calling, and client relationship building an anthem that inspires professionals to dig deeper, push harder, and maximize sales.

Bruce makes:

  • Sales training
  • Motivating salespeople
  • Retention of best practices

Fun, hip, and current.

Currently, Bruce Marshall, “The Rookie Sales Pro,” turns authors’ book content into rap music. His sales consulting inspires sales motivation for sales professionals with performances that have contributed significantly to learning and retaining fundamental sales content.

Click on the interview to find out what Bruce means when he says: “Learn like a rookie and sell like a pro”…

Never Stop Learning The Fundamentals

No matter if you’ve been in the sales business for 5 days or 30 years; If you learn like a rookie, you’ll sell like a pro!

Sales ‘Rookies’ stick to the fundamentals, and ‘Pro’s’ need to remember to, not be so good, that they stop learning ~Bruce Marshall~

That is to say, never stop learning to do the basics like:

  • Read books
  • Build Human connection

Bruce says, “We must always think as we thought on our first day of sales!”

Indeed, I love Bruces’ message!

I have met a lot of people in sales who forget the basic fundamentals of the selling process. What I mean is, although they continue the fundamentals, they stop learning.

As a result, salespeople who think they know too much and don’t need to continue learning; Their careers generally tank!

Speaking of learning, I want to invite you to the 2nd annual virtual ‘Relationship Marketing Grand Summit.’

An invitation to continued learning, where sales professionals will teach current sales techniques and fundamentals to go from rookie to pro or maintain pro!

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Hope to see you there,

Kody B.

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