Your “Why” and finding it can be challenging at times.

A great way to discover your “why” starts with creating a genuine relationship with self and others. More importantly, an authentic relationship with yourself. For this reason, I highly recommend continued self-development.

Matter of fact, ongoing self-development is crucial in life when looking for your “WHY.” Personal growth happens when you nourish the soul to improve on every aspect of your life, which will then help you drill down to your “WHY.”

Look, those of you who know me, and subscribe to this blog understand that I believe in always being a student, especially when it comes to oneself. 

There is always a positive reason to nourish your soul to become the best version of yourself. Continued education will keep personal growth for oneself on a positive track.

In this week’s blog, I share my passion for helping people:

  • build relationships
  • act on promptings
  • discover their why

Teaching how to follow promptings is what drives my mission.  I love assisting people in developing relationships with others but, more importantly, themselves. A prompting is an intuitive thought that comes to you, a gift, so to speak, a gift that guides us internally and externally.

Listen to the video below, where I focus on promptings and the difference between the “how’s” and “what’s” versus the “WHY.”