Commerce in todays day and age

Commerce is Bernadette McClelland’s specialty!

I’m honored to have interviewed Bernadette McClelland. Needless to say I’m excited to share some golden nuggets I learned on the sales process and commerce of today, and how it relates full circle to sales in the early days. You’d be surprised how the likeness in many ways hasn’t changed.

Bernadette’s impressive background includes:

  • Coaching sales enabling curriculum to NBA Harvard Graduates
  • Master Asia-Pacific Coach for Anthony Robbins (12 countries)
  • Author of 5 best-selling books

Listen in and find out what Bernadette means when she says “Both Dollars and the Heart are important” and talks about her latest book ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations’

It’s really about the value of exchange ~Bernadette McClelland~

Selling actually means to give. So, at the heart of selling you still have to give or exchange value to value…your goods for a dollar or other goods. People want to know what todays sales process is and how different the sales process is then perhaps even just 10 years ago.

Going full circle from way back to where we are today as far as commerce goes, it’s about value to value in bartering, trade or reciprocity of the product or service one sells. This hasn’t changed and probably never will.

Standing firm in your conviction, of the value of your service or product shows those that are pondering your goods will see the value you are giving. Not being frightened in asking for a fair exchange is critical in the sales process. Even with all the technology and product selling enhancements with the internet, isn’t it funny that even still, from way back in the day, it comes down to adding value and building real relationships.

In closing, commerce and relationship marketing have a lot in common due to the fact that people buy from those they know, like and trust. Consequently, people know, like and trust because of the value and honesty of the salesperson. Hence, it’s all about both the money and the heart.

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