31 08, 2016

How to Create Customer Loyalty in Bowling Center’s

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Having a strong relationship with your customers will create customer loyalty in any type of business.  Keep in mind, it is key to have a Relationship Marketing Strategy in place. Remember, there are always new business's and competition lurking in every industry!  If you don't build that relationship with current customers, someone else will! What if competition moves in and they even have a better deal? No worries! Your customers loyalty lies with you as a result, simply because you created an ally with your customers. Here are some tips on how to create customer loyalty: Be Interested in people:  Making a new connection is an opportunity!  [...]

24 08, 2016

Increase Referrals with Thank You Cards

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How I turned 1 Thank You Card into 3 different referrals! Sending Referrals Thank You Cards... Appreciating Referrals...Not only is it super important to appreciate and thank your new and current customers, but even more so, when that current customer sends you a referral! When a customer sends you a referral that means that they know, like and trust you. "Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend" ~Mark Zuckerberg~ Your customer has generously trusted you with a referral and should definitely receive from you a message of [...]

3 08, 2016

Real Estate Thank You Cards and Relationship Marketing

By |2018-07-18T01:42:58+00:00August 3rd, 2016|2 Minute Tips, Relationship Marketing|

Real Estate Thank You Cards as we all know, have been taught to be hugely beneficial and key in building relationships in finding and keeping clients! Although it's great to acquire new clients and customers, don't overlook the best growth source there is: retaining and growing your existing business clients and customer base! Furthermore having a follow up strategy such as Real Estate Thank You Cards to show appreciation for the business is key to your success as a Realtor. Here's Why... Client feels appreciated Client remembers you, you stay top of mind [...]

25 07, 2016

Thank you card strategy of a Tree Faller

By |2018-07-18T01:42:58+00:00July 25th, 2016|2 Minute Tips, Relationship Marketing|

How you can quickly and easily show customer appreciation using this tree faller thank you card strategy! Even from the top of a tree... I would love to share a success story with you of a tree faller up in British Columbia. He uses this simple thank you card strategy in his business.  He actually follows up with his customers from the tops of trees. Using an App on his smartphone, which initiates a service with one of our Relationship Marketing companies. As a result of this strategy his business has seen [...]

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